Monday, June 8, 2009

diy: m&j headband workshop

Yesterday morning I attended a headband class at M&J Trimming with Alex and her high school friend Michelle--despite that I had only slept for three hours (got back from the Dave show wayyy late) and that I was moving into the NYU dorms that afternoon. Needless to say that it was totally worth it!! I highly recommend signing up for one of M&J's Sunday morning classes- they have an embellishing class coming up soon! Call the store for details.

For $20, we got three plain headbands, one funky embellishment and a bottle of glue, plus a 15% discount on all additional purchases! The store's employees taught us how to make bows, glue on rhinestone buttons and make huge cupcake-like flowers, then let us go to town making our own funky headband creations.

Step one: Choose 3 solid headbands

Step two: Pick your free embellishment

Step three: Find some pretty ribbons and things

Step four: Learn from the pros

Step five: Go to work!

Step six: Admire your creations!!



Thanks to M&J for mentioning me on their blog and posting pictures of us ladies in our headband creations!!

A pretty cool way to spend your Sunday morning, huh?

Peace, Love and Neon,


  1. Hi Marisa. Glad you had a good time at the workshop this past weekend. We hope you don't mind, but we featured your blog on our blog.

  2. i love these!! and your headbands are so true to character, so great :)